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Arms of the Clan Chief


A Coat of Arms is granted by the Sovereign through Her Majesty’s Lord Lyon King of Arms. The Grant of Arms document shows a shield for a male and a lozenge for a female. Above the shield is placed a helmet and on the top of this a Crest and Motto. The Crest for the Chief of Clan Hunter is a Hunting Hound and the Motto is Cursum Perficio translated from Latin means I will complete the course/ Finish the race. The heraldic terms for our Clan Chief’s Arms are: Or, Three Hunting Horns vert, Garnished and stringed Gules

Clan Hunter Crest

Court of the Lyon

To find out more about coats of arms and how they originate go to
Coat of Arms of the Chief of the Clan Hunter

“Cursum Perficio – I will complete the course”

Clan Crest Badge

The Crest Badge is worn by the Clan members to indicate their allegiance to their Chief.

However, the heraldic property contained within it (the hound and motto) belong to the Clan Chief.

Our Clan Chief gives approval for Clan members to reproduce the Crest Badge on personal items provided that the following wording is placed underneath:

“Crest Badge of a Member of Clan Hunter”

This indicates that the badge is not being misappropriated.

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Hunter Clan Standard

The heraldic standard first appeared in the mid-14th century in general use by personages of high rank. The standard appears to have been adopted for a rallying point during a battle for those troops, retainers and followers wearing the livery badge of the Chief.



The Pinsel

The Pinsel is the Chief’s personal Pennant deployed on the field of battle. This is a small triangular flag, granted by the Lord Lyon to signify a person who has been delegated authority. The Clan Crest is depicted on the Pinsel along with the clan motto and the title of the laird. The background is generally composed of the main livery colour of the chief’s arms – in our case gold that indicates a Royal appointment as the King’s Huntsman. The motto ‘Cursum Perficio’ and the Pinsel also depict a stem of Sea Pink – Armeria Maritima – our designated Clan flower.


Clan Plant – Thrift

Sea Pink – Armeria Maritima



Armeria-maritima the Clan plant

Clan Plant

Clan Motto

Cursum Perficio

I will complete the course



The Hunter War Cry and Grace

Clan War Cry and Grace

Clan War Cry and Grace

Haud at hunds o’Hunterstoune!

which is Scots meaning:

Persist Hounds of Hunterston!

Clan Grace

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