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30th Chief of the Clan Hunter
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Madam Pauline

30th Chief Clan Hunter

I became the 30th Clan Chief in 1994 on the death of my father Neil Hunter, the 29th Laird. At the time I was pursuing a career in healthcare.

My work as Clan Chief has grown and I now devote all of my time to the Clan society. My task is to bring together Clan members and larger family groups to connect them with their national Clan Hunter branches around the world. At Hunterston, we are constantly being pressured by industrial development surrounding our original Clan lands at Hunterston Castle and my stewardship involves protecting this remaining important Hunter family heritage in Scotland.

Madam Pauline Hunter in the Bluebells

Madam Pauline amongst the bluebells

Madam Pauline Hunter

Madam Pauline Hunter and Graham, Macer Venatorus

Preservation of Castle Hunter

The central focus of Clan Hunter is the preservation of Hunterston Castle to ensure it will always be available for all Hunters to visit as their spiritual home. We welcome visitors to the Castle which brings a special satisfaction to me in sharing our heritage with peoples from all around the globe. In 2000 I led the restoration of the front of the Castle to return it to its original state and this was funded with the loyal support of Clan Hunter members.

As a 21st century Clan we have an online presence and are active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We have an online Tartan Gifts shop featuring our individual Hunter tartan. There is also a gift shop in Hunterston Castle where visitors may choose to own something unique to our Clan.

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Promotion of Clan Hunter

I share in the promotion of Clan Hunter and give my support to our many volunteering members hosting Clan tents at Scottish events in their own country. Find out more about volunteering here. As well as leading our Society, I created a new Clan Hunter group in South America based in Argentina. I am always ready to help those who wish to establish a branch in their own country or to put them in touch with existing groups. Please contact me here.

Madam Pauline Hunter and the Clan Chiefs

Clan Chiefs and Madam Pauline

Joining Clan Hunter

There are many benefits to joining Clan Hunter. Clan Officers publish national newsletters to keep members in touch with events and International Gatherings. This is a wonderful occasion for sharing stories and making new friends. I love to learn about my extended family and their stories, and I hope others will do the same. This year sees the launch of the Clan Hunter Genealogy Project, a great resource for our members who want to learn more about their family history.

Madam Pauline Hunter

Madam Pauline

Order of the Royal Huntsman.

Soon after I became Clan Chief, I created a special award to honour significant contributions by individual Clan members. This is called the Order of the Royal Huntsman. Names of recipients are recorded on a special board in the Clan meeting room at Hunterston Castle and individuals receive a sterling silver horn badge made by a local silversmith in West Kilbride, Marion Kane.

2017 Edinburgh Tattoo

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Scottish Clans are well known for forming alliances and our Clan Hunter Link of Friendship has its 20th anniversary this year. This was first extended to Clan Muirhead to share Hunterston Castle location as they had no Castle or meeting point of their own in Scotland. We look forward to extending it to other Friends of Clan Hunter.


Finally I am delighted to announce our plans for a new Clan Hunter Centre. Architect plans have been drawn up to renovate the old workshops opposite the Castle building itself to offer a gathering space with facilities suitable for the 21st Century. A fund-raising program has been launched with some wonderful opportunities to sponsor spaces such as the hallway, the lounge, or even the kitchen! Please take a look at our architectural plans and get involved today. There are many ways to donate – learn more.

I am deeply grateful for the support and friendship of our Clan Hunter members and friends. You have helped, inspired and encouraged me and it is my honour to lead our Clan.

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Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston
30th Clan Chief of Clan Hunter

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You will find us off the A78 just north of West Kilbride. Look for our driveway marked by stone pillars and "Hunterston Estate" 


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Acccess to Hunterston Castle is strictly by appointment. Note that as a historic monument, wheel chair access is limited. More visitor information is available on our visitors page .  Please email us to arrange a visit.