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The design for our Clan tartan was carefully chosen
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Clan Hunter Tartan

Hunter of Hunterston Sett

The Clan Hunter tartan was designed in 1983 by Capt. T. Stuart Davidson, the founder of the Scottish Tartan Society. The design or Sett as it is known, has been named Hunter of Hunterston to distinguish it from other Hunter tartans such as:

  • Hunter Russell Mitchell Galbraith sett – A tartan shared between the four families.
  • Hunters of Bute sett – Hunters who sought allegiance from the Stuarts at one time.
  • Hunters of Peebleshire sett – An old branch of the Hunter family.


Clan Hunter Tartan

Clan Hunter Tartan Brooch

Clan Hunter Tartan

Clan Hunter Tartan

The design for our Clan tartan was carefully chosen to incorporate a green hunting base with blue representing the proximity of Hunterston to the sea. The narrow gold (yellow) stripes to signify the Chief’s appointment as Royal Huntsman and red is taken from the lanyards of the hunting horns in the Chief’s coat of arms. The white thread is for purity and refers to Andrew Hunter who was moderator of the general assembly in Edinburgh and Abbot Hunter who was Abbot of Melrose Abbey.

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The Regular Pattern

The regular check pattern of a tartan is created by a repeat of the design or sett in both warp and weft in the loom. The dye range selected was considered closest to the natural vegetable dyes of old.

Madam Pauline and Graham, Macer Venatorus

Madam Pauline and Graham, Macer Venatorus

Hunter Tartan Scarf

Clan Hunter Scarf

Variations in appearance and colour do occur between individual mill producers and different weights of cloth. Clan Hunter uses a variety of cloths for different purposes. Most of the wool utilised today is Merino from Australia. All of our cloths and tartan products are manufactured in the UK.

A Clan Chief may change a Clan tartan or add to an existing. It is up to an individual Clan member which tartan they choose but we hope you find our Clan tartan design pleasing and join us and take pride in wearing it.

The registration held within The Scottish Register of Tartans for the “Hunter of Hunterston” tartan is listed below:  

STA ref:     719 STWR ref: 719
Designer:     Davidson, Capt T.S.
Tartan date:     01/01/1983 

Registration notes: Designed by Stuart Davidson (founder of the Scottish Tartans Society) for Clan Hunter in 1983. Adopted in 1985 by Hunter of Hunterston, Chief of Clan Hunter, patented and registered with Lord Lyon LCB 81 on 11th November 1991.

Sett thread count: G10 B4 G28 B28 R4 B28 W4 G28 R4 G8 Y6

For further information visit the Scottish Register of Tartans. 

For the full history of the Clan Hunter Tartan go to the Blog posts on this website.

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You will find us off the A78 just north of West Kilbride. Look for our driveway marked by stone pillars and "Hunterston Estate" 


Hunterston KA23 9QG
Telephone: 07980 209060
*This number is not continuously manned, so please do leave us a message. 


Acccess to Hunterston Castle is strictly by appointment. Note that as a historic monument, wheel chair access is limited. More visitor information is available on our visitors page .  Please email us to arrange a visit.