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Clan Hunter Genealogy Project

Welcome to Clan Hunter Genealogy Project, a unique record of our Hunter ancestors. It is completely FREE to take part, just follow these steps.


Clan Hunter collects genealogical data on Hunter surnamed persons from our membership. The Clan does not have septs and surnames such as Hunt, Huntingdon, Huntsman etc. are English names not connected to our ancient Scottish family.


Once you have undertaken research this data should then be submitted in a GEDCOM file to our Clan Chief. Your family records will then be checked and entered into our archive. Subsequent updates should be advised in a similar manner. We are unable to accept any other form of data collection. Please do not send WORD or Excel files or loose paper documents.


History picture of Jane Hunter-Weston and son

Jane Hunter-Weston and Son


When you join Clan Hunter you have the option to permit access to your data to other members but this is accessible only through our genealogy team and where they deem it appropriate for the purposes of improving accuracy and extending knowledge.

We have a member only forum on facebook for members to communicate together and exchange research. The Clan Hunter genealogy team will publish general information in the Clan newsletters.


28th Laird Eleanora Hunter

Check your surname

We wish to receive Hunter surnamed data only. If your grandmother was a Hunter for example, then submit the two generations back to her and then only Hunter surnamed individuals from this point as far back as you are able. This is the only information we shall enter into our records. There are many programs available for the creation of a GEDCOM file.

As a Non-Profit organisation we are unable to undertake individual research. Our volunteer team of members with genealogy skills work directly under the authority of our Clan Chief. Information from our database is secured offline and under the Chief’s authority.

History Picture of 21st Laird Patrick Hunter

21st Laird Patrick Hunter

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You will find us off the A78 just north of West Kilbride. Look for our driveway marked by stone pillars and "Hunterston Estate" 


Hunterston KA23 9QG
Telephone: 07980 209060
*This number is not continuously manned, so please do leave us a message. 


Acccess to Hunterston Castle is strictly by appointment. Note that as a historic monument, wheel chair access is limited. More visitor information is available on our visitors page .  Please email us to arrange a visit.