27 April, 2021

By Lucy J. Massaar Hunter-Weston

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To want to be part of a greater whole has always been human instinct. It gives weight to our very existence and lays a solid foundation from which we can grow.

At a personal level our immediate family protects and nurtures us, giving us confidence by supporting our actions and we derive strength in the knowledge that we are not alone.

As humans, we are naturally curious and tracing our ancestry back to its roots and following our lineage opens up new avenues of heritage to be explored. Clan Hunter is unique in that it provides the solace and intimacy of a family, yet invites the individual to tell their own personal (hi)story.

Reading and researching our family trees touches us on many different levels: on the one hand we would have loved to have met our ancestors and there are so many questions we want to ask them, so much still to know. On the other hand we feel proud knowing that many Hunters have been stalwarts of society, fighting where necessary, showing their allegiance to their superiors and protecting the rights of the Clan. 

My own heritage journey traces my ancestry back to General Sir Aylmer Hunter-Weston who was my great great uncle. His younger brother, Reginald Hugh Hunter-Weston, emigrated to New Zealand in 1895 where he became a Justice of the Peace and a successful farmer.

Clan Hunter of Hunterston offers a warm welcome to its members, where your history and heritage are embedded in the very stones of the castle your ancestors built and have protected for over 900 years. It is unique.

The International Clan Gathering of 2021 provides us with a unique opportunity to connect to Hunters from across the globe. It gives us a sense of belonging to a warm family tradition and offers a sense of home-coming where we can finally meet each other on common ground. It is the source of our heritage.

Join us for a Zoom meeting on 2nd May 2021, where we shall be talking about our Clan Hunter Genealogy Project with founders Charles Hunter (Madam Pauline’s brother) and Mark Hunter an expert in genealogy data compilation. Visit www.clanhunterscotland.com to subscribe to this meeting and get the link.

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You will find us off the A78 just north of West Kilbride. Look for our driveway marked by stone pillars and "Hunterston Estate" 


Hunterston KA23 9QG
Telephone: 07980 209060
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Acccess to Hunterston Castle is strictly by appointment. Note that as a historic monument, wheel chair access is limited. More visitor information is available on our visitors page .  Please email us to arrange a visit.