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Learn more about Clan Hunter through our regular blog articles.

You can follow as our fantastic blogger, Lucy, shares her journeys around Scotland en route to the heart and seat of the Clan Hunter at Hunterston Castle.  

Be part of the community by enjoying her stories and information about the land of the Clan and family.

Recipe: Seville Orange Marmalade

Recipe: Seville Orange Marmalade

From Lucy’s Kitchen: Seville orange marmalade By Lucy J. Hunter-Weston In the northern hemisphere, January is a long, dark and cold month. And this year, we have more than our fair share of rather gloomy days. Thinking about my next recipe to post, it occurred to me...

Travel challenges to UK and Covid-19

Travel challenges to UK and Covid-19

Covid-19 and travel to UK update My own personal experience  By Lucy J. Hunter-Weston I have just returned from a week’s summer break in the south-west area of the Netherlands, where I live. During our stay, we received news that the UK was loosening the quarantine...

Clan Hunter International Gathering 2021 update

Clan Hunter International Gathering 2021 update

Hunterston Castle, 30th June, 2021 Lucy J. Hunter-Weston News about the Clan Hunter International Gathering 2021 from our Clan Chief, Madam Pauline. At the time of writing there are no changes to travel restrictions for those wishing to enter or leave the UK....



By Lucy J. Massaar Hunter-Weston Heritage    Journey    Connect To want to be part of a greater whole has always been human instinct. It gives weight to our very existence and lays a solid foundation from which we can grow. At a personal...

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You will find us off the A78 just north of West Kilbride. Look for our driveway marked by stone pillars and "Hunterston Estate" 


Hunterston KA23 9QG
Telephone: 07980 209060
*This number is not continuously manned, so please do leave us a message. 


Acccess to Hunterston Castle is strictly by appointment. Note that as a historic monument, wheel chair access is limited. More visitor information is available on our visitors page .  Please email us to arrange a visit.